The Severe Penalties NC State Could Face for Recruiting Allegations Involving Dennis Smith Jr. - Thu 11 Jul 15:07 GMT

NC State's basketball team could face severe penalties if found guilty of committing a Level I infraction, including a postseason ban and reduction in scholarships.

  The NCAA charges that NC State’s basketball program committed a series of recruiting violations between 2014 to 2017, including two so-called “Level I” infractions.

  The NCAA’s reliance on FBI Agents, Federal Prosecutors and Government Witnesses NC State’s alleged violations are based on information and evidence obtained by the NCAA through the FBI’s multi-year investigation into college basketball recruiting corruption.

  Stated differently, the NCAA contends that Early, on behalf of the Wolfpack program, used bribes to convince Smith to attend NC State over other schools that had recruited him.

  T.J. Gassnola being caught on a wiretap ended up hurting NC State How would the NCAA know about the contents of private conversations between Early and Gassnola?

  Mark Gottfried is in serious trouble with the NCAA for failing to monitor his coaching staff and program Gottfried, who was fired by the Wolfpack in 2017 and is currently the head coach of Cal State Northridge, is also accused of engaging in a Level I infraction while at NC State.

  Here, the NCAA claims that while NC State reported Level III violations (which are mere “breaches of conduct” and provided NC State only minimal advantages over other schools), the university failed to report Level I and II violations.

  NC State’s challenges in investigating the claims and getting cooperation from Gottfried and Smith As a public response to the Notice of Allegations, NC State chancellor Randy Woodson asserts that his university will “carefully review” the allegations and “thoroughly evaluate the evidence” before responding.