North Carolina's speed leaves Louisville basketball looking flat-footed - Fri 15 Mar 14:16 GMT

U of L coach says Tar Heels were 'shot from a cannon' in ACC Tournament

North Carolina's speed leaves Louisville basketball looking flat-footed

  CLOSE As the postseason begins for Louisville, let's take a look back at Chris Mack's first regular season as the Cardinals' basketball coach.

  More: Louisville ousted by North Carolina in ACC Tournament quarterfinal “I don’t think they run any faster than I can run,” said U of L’s Darius Perry.

  Twice in the game’s first eight minutes, Carolina dervish Coby White earned an assist within seven seconds of a made Louisville basket.

  Read this: It's all in the details: Chris Mack's first season at Louisville Short-term, Louisville’s takeaway should be that the NCAA Tournament can hold no terrors more fearsome than the elite teams the Cardinals have already faced.

  As of ESPN bracketologist Joe Lunardi’s Thursday update, U of L had played six games against projected No. 1 seeds and three more against No. 2 seeds.