NCAA puts Mississippi State on probation after academic misconduct by 10 football players and a basketball player - Fri 23 Aug 19:49 GMT

The 11 players paid cash to a tutor to complete coursework for them, the NCAA found

  Mississippi State has been placed on probation for three years after the NCAA on Friday ruled that a part-time athletics department tutor committed academic misconduct to aid 10 football players and one men's basketball player in an online general chemistry class.

  The NCAA's punishment in addition to the probationary period includes a reduction in scholarships for both football and men's basketball and a reduction in official visits for both sports.

  The 11 players were declared ineligible by the school after admitting in February to paying a part-time tutor to do classwork for them.

  The names of the 11 players involved in the case have not been made public and their status was not addressed in the NCAA's report.

  "The university and the NCAA enforcement staff agreed that the former tutor completed multiple assignments, exams and, in some instances, nearly the entire course for student-athletes," the NCAA said in its press release announcing the news.

  The full list of penalties are as follows: The tutor at the center of the case did not participate in an interview with the enforcement staff in the case to discuss her involvement.

  Unlike many punishments handed down by the NCAA, Mississippi State does not have the power to appeal because the case was processed through the negotiated resolution process.