Mediocre grades? Weak SATs? Rick Singer got you into an elite college — for a price - Fri 15 Mar 14:59 GMT

William "Rick" Singer is an ultramarathon runner, a former high school basketball coach and a father. Prosecutors say he is also the mastermind of a multimillion-dollar college admissions scheme to help the rich and famous gain their children entry to some of…

Mediocre grades? Weak SATs? Rick Singer got you into an elite college — for a price

  Current and former coaches at Yale, USC, UCLA, Stanford and other top schools have been charged with fraud and conspiracy.Singer admitted charging $15,000 to $75,000 to rig tests for children in his con he called the home run of home runs.I dont know how my Rick Singer became your Rick Singer, said Ron McKenna, a friend of more than three decades.

  Ted Mitchell, a former president of Occidental College and member of the advisory board, was quoted saying Singer was really great at getting at the heart of what kids and families want and finding the right match.Mitchell, who was undersecretary of the U.S. Department of Education from 2014 to 2017 and is now president of the American Council on Education, said through a spokesman that he served without pay as an advisor in one of Singers ventures 15 years ago and is shocked, sad and angry that someone I thought I knew could perpetrate these crimes.By 2011, Singer and his wife had separated.

  He will also give up two bank accounts held by the charity and pay a $3.4-million forfeiture judgment.Since 2011, federal authorities said, Singer had directed clients to make tax-deductible donations to his charity, Key Worldwide Foundation, which Singer used to funnel bribes to college coaches and others involved in the scheme.One Bay Area couple gave the charity 2,150 shares in Facebook and donated to UCLA before writing off more than $1 million in charitable gifts on their taxes, according to a court filing.

  The couple were among those indicted.Singer was hardly shy about his work.Federal court records cite a phone call last summer in which Singer explained his scam of recruiting student athletes to Gordon Caplan, co-chairman of the law firm Willkie Farr Gallagher.There is a front door, which means you get in on your own.