MaloneGame 6 skirmish just 'playoff basketball' - Sun 12 May 02:50 GMT

Nuggets coach Michael Malone didn't think much of the minor skirmish between his team and the Trail Blazers in Game 6, calling the incident indicative of playoff basketball.

MaloneGame 6 skirmish just 'playoff basketball'

  DENVER -- Nuggets coach Michael Malone dismissed the notion that a shoving match between Denver's Will Barton and Portland's Seth Curry in Game 6 might carry over into Game 7 on Sunday at Pepsi Center, especially after the Trail Blazers guard called the Nuggets "sassy."

  After the game, the Trail Blazers guard said the Nuggets "got a few sassy dudes over there," adding that they are "front-runners".

  Curry took exception to Barton standing above Portland's Zach Collins, who had just fallen toward Barton's knees after an offensive foul on Denver's Nikola Jokic.

  "It's Will Barton protecting himself from a guy falling into his knees," said Malone, whose father was an assistant during the Detroit Pistons' "Bad Boys" days.

  play1:19 Curry, Barton get into heated shoving match Will Barton puts a finger on Seth Curry's face as the Trail Blazers and Nuggets players have to be separated.