Loyola's good luck charm Sister Jean just turned 100
CNN - Thu 22 Aug 12:40 GMT

Chicago's favorite basketball-loving nun reached a milestone birthday and the community is giving her the party of a lifetime.

  The Ramblers' biggest fan turned 100 on Wednesday, celebrating with cake and songs, according to the university.

  The university president and students celebrated with her, and local politicians cheered her on as she blew out the candles on her massive cake.

  Sister Jean said she enjoys coming on campus and saying hello to each person she sees each morning, she told the university's president in a video posted for her birthday.

  "That's being a person for others by just being yourself," Sister Jean said in the video.

  The campus is also celebrating Sister Jean's birthday at the Mass of the Holy Spirit on Sunday at the university's arena, where the men's and women's basketball teams play.

  The discovery center also donated 100 tickets to Misericordia, a care community for children and adults with developmental disabilities, in honor of Sister Jean.

  Sister Jean has been a Ramblers basketball fan for a long time, and she says the passion of the players has only gotten stronger.