Duke Basketball: Zion Williamson could own shoe company
Balldurham.com - Thu 14 Mar 14:17 GMT

The first name of the Duke basketball program's gifted giant could also become the business name of the next giant in the apparel industry. With a successf...

Duke Basketball: Zion Williamson could own shoe company

  With a successful return from injury, culminating with a national championship on April 8, Duke basketball freshman Zion Williamson would hold the key.

  By capping off his college career with a title, Williamson would become — if he isn’t already — the only teenager who has ever been in such a unique position to brand an uber-successful startup shoe/apparel company.

  But if it was an injury that roadblocked Williamson’s career before he had a chance to put the pedal to the metal and become an NBA legend, the ZION brand would still have a chance to survive.

  Plus, considering Big Baller Brand — a creation resulting from one man’s vision and financial backing from investors — is still surviving despite no legit stars as endorsers and a brand name that few men over the age of 30 would be caught dead wearing because it’s one of the all-time cheesiest names for an apparel company, ZION should do well.

  Look, more power and best wishes to Williamson if he doesn’t win a title for Duke or, even if he does, decides to go the other route and sign with Nike, Adidas, Puma, Under Armour, or even Big Baller Brand.