Big Ten Basketball: Ranking all 14 head coaches for 2019-20 season - Sat 24 Aug 16:56 GMT

There are some impressive head coaches in Big Ten Basketball, but how do they compare against each other? Letu2019s take a look at how theyu2019d rank for next...

  Five years ago, your favorite college basketball team had an entirely different roster of players.

  The one factor that changes less frequently than the roster of players is the program’s head coach.

  The coaches not only recruit players and prepare for games, but become the backbone of these college basketball teams.

  As one of the nation’s most potent conferences for college basketball, the Big Ten has seen a fair share of remarkable coaches pass through the league.

  While we no longer see Bob Knight, Jud Heathcote or Gene Keady roaming these sidelines, the current slate of coaches remains impressive in this conference.

  Someone with only a few years of experience as a head coach has a greater chance of being below a more experienced head coach, though there are certainly exceptions based on performance.

  There are coaches near the bottom of this list that would clearly top other, smaller conferences.