ACC -- Who dominates outside football and basketball? - Fri 23 Aug 00:46 GMT

We've seen the ACC win titles recently in football, men's basketball and women's basketball. But the conference offers 19 other sports. We break down which ACC schools are the best at each.

  Women's cross country (ACC championship: Nov. 1, 2019) What you need to know: NC State and Virginia each have won two national titles, and the Wolfpack can claim three individual titles.

  Men's indoor track and field (ACC championship: Feb. 27-29, 2020) What you need to know: The past five ACC champions were Florida State, Virginia Tech, Syracuse, Virginia Tech and Florida State.

  Only six ACC programs offer wrestling: NC State, North Carolina, Pittsburgh, Virginia Tech, Virginia and Duke.

  Duke, Miami, Clemson and NC State joined Georgia Tech, Florida State, North Carolina and Louisville in this past season's NCAA tournament.

  Notable players: Buster Posey, Stephen Drew, Deion Sanders, J.D. Drew (Florida State); Ryan Braun, Yasmani Grandal, Alex Cora, Aubrey Huff, Adam Eaton (Miami); Jason Varitek, Mark Teixeira, Derek Dietrich, Nomar Garciaparra, Charlie Blackmon, Matt Wieters, Kevin Brown (Georgia Tech); Ryan Zimmerman, Mark Reynolds, Sean Doolittle (Virginia); Matt Harvey, Kyle Seager, Andrew Miller, Brian Roberts (North Carolina); Trea Turner (NC State); Tony Sipp (Clemson); Marcus Stroman, Dick Groat (Duke).

  This past season, Duke, Clemson, Georgia Tech, Louisville, North Carolina and Wake Forest all advanced to the NCAA championship -- the most teams for the conference since 2006.

  Women's lacrosse (ACC championship: April 22-26, 2020) What you need to know: North Carolina has dominated the conference of late, winning the past three ACC titles.